Business principles

The business activities of RMS, a.s. Košice are driven by the following eight principles:

Occupational safety

Occupational safety of our employees is our primary goal. The common objective of all the company managers and employees is for every single employee to return home to his or her family safe and sound, in the same state as s/he left them in the morning. With the aim of preventing and eliminating incidents and accidents at work, RMS, a.s. Košice has implemented a proactive system of occupational safety and risk elimination in line with OHSAS 18001:2009 standards.

Environmental protection

We are fully aware of our responsibility for protecting and creating the environment, because its quality directly or indirectly affects the quality of life of the current as well as future generations. Our primary aim is to protect the environment by applying only those procedures and technologies which have no negative impact on the environment. With a view to achieving this aim the company has implemented an effective environmental management system in line with ISO 14001:2005 standards.

Quality and reliability

Implementation and development of an integrated system for managing and improving quality has become the basis for the competitive status and further growth of our company. The process approach and efficient communication form the preconditions for reliable and effective management of all activities.

In order to achieve these aims the company has introduced a quality management system in line with ISO 9001:2009 standards.

Protection of personal data and information

We are fully aware of our responsibility for protecting the personal data of our employees, as well as all information which could be subject to commercial confidentiality or form part of the company’s intellectual property. For comprehensive protection of information, in 2011 our company implemented an information security system in line with the ISO 27001:2006 standards.

Energy efficiency

We are reducing the energy requirements of our processes. We are currently witnessing dynamic growth in energy prices, and at the same time the generation of energy media puts more strain on the environment. With a view to achieving our aims in the area of environmental protection and at the same time continuously reducing our company’s costs, we have introduced an energy management system in line with ISO 50001:2012 standards.

Value for customers

We make every effort in our activities to achieve and maintain high quality in our products and services for our customers, at the same time continuously reducing our costs in order to directly reduce those of our customers as well. We promote safe and healthy working conditions, environmental protection, and ethical business conduct in every respect. Our company has had a Code of Ethics in force since 2004, which our employees are expected to comply with in all respects.

Social reliability

RMS, a.s. Košice supports and contributes to projects in the fields of health care, education, sport and culture in the Košice area and the East Slovakian region. Through our responsible attitude to this region, in recent years the company has gained the trust of its employees, suppliers and the general public. Beneficiaries include Šaca Hospital, Košice Ice-hockey Club, Technical University of Košice (conferences, Šachťák induction for metallurgy students, refractory materials congress).

Employee relations

Through our social programme we support and organize social events for our employees and their families. The same programme is used to sponsor sports events involving our employees, cultural events such as Children’s Day in June or St.Nicholas’ Day in December, and of course we continue to support our employees in need through the social fund. Only loyal and content employees can guarantee continuous and sustainable development of the company RMS, a.s. Košice, and they are its most valuable strategic asset.


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