Division Plant Refrako

The tradion of producing refractory ceramic materials began in 1965 at the “Metallurgical Ceramics” plant of the former national company of the East Slovakian Steelworks. In 1990 the separate company VSŽ Keramika, s.r.o. Košice was established, which later underwent gradual transformation, and from 2002 it restarted its activity as the company Refrako, s.r.o., one of the subsidiaries in the U. S. Steel Košice group. Since 2012 the production of refractory materials has been carried out by RMS, a.s. Košice in its “Refractory Materials Production Division”. This part of production currently involves around 200 highly-qualified staff and production specialists.

Production range:

  • fire-bricks and acidic shaped products
  • high-alumina shaped products
  • shaped fire-brick insulation materials
  • quartz-alumina loose materials, plastic, beetling materials, guniting materials, injection and joining materials
  • fired magnesite and magnesite-spinelite products
  • unfired magnesite-graphitic products
  • alkaline loose products
  • unfired alumina-magnesite-graphitic products
  • prefabricates made from loose materials
  • decorative and constructional fire-bricks, prefabricated fire-places and hearths


  • U. S. Steel s.r.o., Košice, Slovakia
  • U. S. Steel, Mon Valley Works – Edgar Thomson Plant, USA
  • U. S. Steel, Clairton Works, USA
  • U. S. Steel, Fairfield Works, USA
  • Zelezara Smederevo, d.o.o. Serbia
  • Mittal Steel a.s., Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Moravia Steel a. s., Třinec, Czech Republic
  • Vítkovice Heavy Machinery a. s., Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Dunaferr Dunai Vasmü, Hungary
  • AO Severstaľ Čerepovec, Russia
  • Schiedel Slovensko s.r.o., Zamarovce, Slovakia
  • Alderston GB Limited, London, UK
  • Lovinit Engineering, s.r. o. Košice
  • Eurocast s.r.o., Košice, Slovakia
  • Škoda Plzeň, Czech Republic
  • Železiarne Hrádek a.s., Czech Republic
  • Železiarne Podbrezová, Slovakia
  • Železiarne Ravne, Slovenia
  • DAM Diosgyör, Hungary
  • CMC Huta Zawiercie, Poland
  • NLMK Lipeck, Russia
  • OEMK Stary Oskol, Russia


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RMS, a.s. Košice Phone Fax
Main entrance U.S. Steel
044 54 Košice
+421 55 673 4357 +421 55 673 3081