Division Plant Metallurgical Furnace Maintenance

The refractory technology division is based on the traditions of the former East Slovakian Steelworks going back to 1965. Since that time these activities have undergone many changes, one of the results being the establishment of the company Reliningserv, s.r.o. in 2002, focusing on repairs of refractory linings. This company was subsequently taken over by VULKMONT, a.s. Košice in 2009, with the aim of consolidating these activities for the steelmaking industry. Today’s RMS, a.s. Košice is a successful provider of repair work for various types of furnaces and hot converters in the metallurgical (including aluminium) industry, power generating, cement-making, chemicals, engineering and wood-processing industries.

Refractory technical work

  • supply, maintenance and repairs of refractory linings in the metallurgical industry, installation of linings, new investment projects
  • servicing in the area of refractory technologies, continuous inspection activity concerning refractory linings
  • inspections of refractory linings and preparation of reports on the state of linings
  • continuous thermovisual measuring of equipment in contact with molten metal
  • services in fields of working technologies including refractory masonry, refractory concretes, ceramic fibres, insulating linings, guniting, shotcreting, injection insulating and ceramic welding. Typical places of application are industrial furnaces, hot plant such as steel converters, pouring and mixing ladles
  • technical, planning and consultancy activity in the area of refractory lining repairs
  • demolition work on refractory linings during medium and general overhauls of metallurgical plant
  • checking the state of refractory linings in mobile pig-iron transporters
  • cleaning the pouring spouts of mobile pig-iron transporters from accumulations of hot metal spattering
  • repairs of refractory linings of blast furnaces and pouring ladles
  • masonry work, injection work and demolition work during small, medium and general overhauls of blast furnaces
  • Repairs of refractory linings by gunning

Vulcanization work

  • maintenance, repairs and exchange of worn or damaged rubberized-textile conveyor belts
  • cold rubberizing of drums (driven, driving, carrying, tensioning)

Pig iron casting

  • pig-iron casting on a casting machine, storage and shipping


  • U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.
  • Zelezara Smederevo, d.o.o.
  • Arcelor Mittal a.s., Ostrava
  • SSAB Lulea Ltd., Sweden
  • Dunaferr, Hungary
  • Kremikowtzi, Bulgaria
  • Prakopríruby s.r.o., Prakovce
  • Slov. elektrárne a.s., Vojany
  • Assi Domän Packaging Štúrovo a.s.
  • Kosit, a.s. Košice
  • KLF-Energetika
  • Kysucké Nové Mesto
  • 1. banskobystrická energetická spoločnosť, a.s. – Banská Bystrica
  • Starobeshevo, Ukraine
  • Environchem Chemosvit Svit, a.s.
  • S.A.Invest s.r.o., L. Mikuláš
  • Carmeuse Slovakia, s.r.o. – Košice
  • Combin s.r.o., Tisovec
  • Bučina Zvolen, a.s.
  • Krono-Ukraine TOV
  • Calderis
  • Refratechnik
  • Linde Technické plyny, Slovakia k. s. Bratislava
  • Izola Košice, s. r. o.
  • Messer Tatragas, s. r. o. Bratislava
  • Hydrosystem group, a. s. Olomouc, ČR
  • AirLiquide AGS GmbH
  • Interport Servis, s. r. o. Košice
  • Taylor - Wharton Harsco, s. r. o. Košice
  • EBA, s. r. o. Bratislava
  • Intrel, a. s. Liptovský Mikuláš
  • Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA
  • Kronospan SK, s. r. o. Prešov
  • Carmeuse Slovakia s.r.o.
  • Solivary a.s. Prešov,
  • VVaK a.s. Vranov nad Topľou
  • KOSIT a.s.
  • TEKO Košice s.r.o.


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