The joint-stock company RMS Košice s.r.o  was established in 1992 with the aim of carrying out servicing activities required in blast-furnace operations, in the production of pig-iron and processing of BF slag, as well as vulcanizing services for the parent company VSŽ, a.s.Košice (East Slovakian Steelworks), with the original name VULKMONT, a.s. Košice. Gradually the company built up a strong market position in the field of refractory technical work and servicing in the area of primary metallurgical operations, primarily within the Slovak Republic.

After the parent company VSŽ, a.s.Košice was taken over by the strategic partner U. S. Steel Corporation based in Pittsburgh, USA, new opportunities for growth opened up for VULKMONT, a.s. Košice on the domestic, but also on foreign markets. There then took place a whole series of mergers of subsidiaries within the U. S. Steel Košice group, and our company began progressively expanding its activity portfolio to include fitting and turning work, gas fitting work, and repairs for energy plants and heavy industry. Further exansion took place into the fields of power generating, elevators and air-conditioning systems, and production and application of refractory materials for the metallurgical, petrochemical, construction and processing industries.

This expansion in our activities involved the take-over of these companies: SELZ, a.s. (2001), Slag-Scrap, a.s. (2002), UniverzalServis (2003), Energoservis, a.s. (2007), Elektroservis VN a VVN, a.s. (2008), Reliningserv, s.r.o. (2009) and finally Refrako, s.r.o. in 2012.

The number of employees in our company has progressively increased from the original 80 approx. to the resent workforce of more than 1000 specialist employees, including bought-in services.


RMS, a.s. Košice Phone Fax
Main entrance U.S. Steel
044 54 Košice
+421 55 673 4357 +421 55 673 3081