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Division plant Refrako

The tradition of producing refractory ceramic materials began in 1965 at the “Hutnícka keramika” plant of the former national enterprise Východoslovenské železiarne. In 1990, an independent company VSŽ Keramika, s.r.o. Košice was established. It underwent a gradual transformation and since 2002, the company Refrako s.r.o. started its activities already as a part of the U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. group. Since 2012, production of refractory materials has been a part of RMS Košice s.r.o. as “Division Plant Refrako”. Currently, around 200 highly qualified workers and production specialists participate in this part of production.


  • Fireclay and acid molded products
  • High-aluminum molded products
  • Insulating molded fireclay products
  • Alumino-silica non-shaped products, plastic, hammering materials, shotcrete materials, injection and joining materials
  • Calcined magnesium and magnesium-spinelitic products
  • Unfired magnesium-carbon products
  • Basic unshaped products
  • Unfired aluminum-magnesium-carbon products
  • Prefabs from unshaped materials
  • Decorative and construction fireclay, prefabricated fireplaces and hearths

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