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Division plant - Maintenance of metallurgical furnaces

It is built on the tradition of the former national company Východoslovenské železiarne and dates back to 1965. Since then, these activities have undergone several changes, which resulted in the establishment of Relingserv, s.r.o. in 2002, focused on repairs of refractory linings and its subsequent takeover by VULKMONT, a.s. Košice in 2009 with the aim of consolidating activities for the metallurgical industry. The company asserts itself in the implementation of repairs of various heat aggregates in the metallurgical, energy, cement, chemical, engineering and woodworking industries, as well as in the aluminum processing industry.

Refractory works

  • repairs and maintenance of refractory linings in the metallurgical industry
  • inspection of refractory linings with preparation of reports on the condition of refractory linings
  • technical and consulting activities in the field of repairs of refractory linings
  • continuous thermal imaging measurements on aggregates with direct contact of liquid metal
  • demolition work of refractory linings by machine mechanisms
  • manual demolition work for places that are difficult to access with mechanical mechanisms

Activities performed daily

  • checking the condition of refractory linings of mobile pig iron mixers
  • cleaning the pouring mouths of torpedos
  • maintenance, treatment of the pouring mouths of mobile mixers by gunning
  • demolition work by machine mechanism during various repairs of linings of mobile mixers
  • various type of repairs of linings of torpedos
  • repairs of refractory linings of blast furnaces and casting systems
  • checking the condition of the heat-resistant linings of pouring pans,
  • thermal imaging measurement of pouring ladles
  • cleaning of pouring pans from stickers by machine mechanisms before treatment
  • treatment by shotcrete of casting and pouring pans in operation, before discarding for repair
  • various repairs of HML
  • demolition of linings of lids, burner walls with machine mechanisms
  • repair of heat-resistant linings of lids, burner walls, intensive heating covers
  • demolition of refractory linings of the tundish
  • repairs of refractory linings of the tundish
  • thermal imaging measurements of BOF
  • treatment of converters during operation by gunning
  • relining of converters
  • repair of linings of preheating boilers
  • maintenance and repair of linings of pushing furnaces connected with the inspection activity of the condition of the linings
  • maintenance and repair of boiler linings in the energy industry
  • maintenance and repair of acid-resistant linings of bating tubs, furnaces of the HCL regeneration station
  • maintenance and repair of hatch furnace linings and hatch furnace bases
  • maintenance and repair of linings of tunnel and chamber furnaces
  • maintenance and repair of linings of final production connected with inspection activities of the condition of linings (conti-annealing, galvanizing, varnishing lines and dynamo lines)

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